Arden on the Severn @ Oakview
Recreational Water Quality Results for 2014
Sample Taken Frequency of Samples Enterococci Count EPA Acceptable Level
* 5.13.2014 biweekly 64 104
  6.3.2014 biweekly 5 104
  6.17.2014 biweekly 2 104
  7.1.2014 biweekly 2 104
  7.21.2014 biweekly 12 104
  7.29.2014 biweekly 2 104
  8.19.2014 biweekly 20 104
  8.27.2014 biweekly 4 104

* These samples were collected after rainfall which may cause high counts.

** Location being resampled to verify and assess the high bacteria counts. An advisory may be issued when results do not meet acceptable levels for two consecutive collections.

*** An advisory against swimming and other direct water contact has been issued.
For more information on Mill Creek and Dividing Creek Closure/Reopening click here.

The acceptable level for swimming and other direct water contact is determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Maryland Department of the Environment and the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. For bodies of water that the Department samples weekly and biweekly, the acceptable level of enterococci bacteria is 104 or fewer bacteria colonies per 100 milliliters of water. For areas that are sampled monthly, the acceptable level is 158 or fewer colonies per 100 milliliters. During the summer months, once an area has been sampled five times or more, the acceptable level is 35 or fewer colonies per 100 milliliters. See Water Quality Fact Sheet.

The Department also operates a 24 hour automated test results phone line at 410-222-7999. For information on the sampling program, call the Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program at 410-222-7241.

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